Quality Aftercare

After your digital hearing aids are fitted, we schedule follow-up appointments to monitor your progress and help you acclimatise to your new lease of sound.

Once you are experiencing the maximum possible benefit from your digital hearing aids, we offer free routine six monthly hearing aid servicing appointment for a five year period. This is vital since hearing aids require regular maintenance, servicing and re-calibrating to ensure they are operating at their prescribed level and providing you with optimal benefit. The hearing aid service includes:

  • Replacing of any dome, sportslock, wax guard, acoustic tubing your hearing aid may have
  • Vacuuming of the microphone ports, receiver (loudspeaker) and ventilation holes to clear them of impeding dust, debris and ear wax
  • Testing the performance of your hearing aid in a ‘Hearing Aid Test Chamber’ to ensure it is working to specification
  • Examine the health of your ear and relay it on a large monitor to check for ear wax, ear infections and other outer ear pathologies
  • Performing of any fine-tuning and firmware upgrades

Furthermore, every two years your hearing will be reassessed and hearing aids reprogrammed to reflect any changes in your hearing.