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IMPORTANT: Hearing aids are medical devices that require the expertise and clinical skill of an Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist to perform a comprehensive hearing assessment and verification of fitting. This is to ensure the hearing aids have been correctly and optimally programmed to suit your individual hearing loss and listening needs.

Please note some of the technology features described below may not be as effective or suitable depending upon the severity and nature of your hearing loss. A fully qualified and registered Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist will be able to advise accordingly. Also some features may not be applicable since they require hearing aids to be worn in both ears, wireless communication and dual microphones.

The binax 7bx is the premium hearing aid manufactured by Siemens and supersedes the micon 7mi. It incorporates the latest Siemen’s processing chip (binax) which has 20% more processing power than the previous micon chipset. The binax 7bx is available in the below form factors:

It has 48 channels, noise reduction with 7 steps of personalisation (Speech and noise management), and wind noise reduction with 3 steps of personalisation (eWindScreen). In addition, the binax 7bx incorporates e2e wireless 3.0 technology which allows for both hearing aids to act as one system through wireless of exchange information via electromagnetic transmission. Using this technology the two hearing aids can create a virtual eight-microphone network across hearing aids with dual microphones called ’High Definition Sound Resolution (HDSR)’. HDSR not only provides the listener with better spatial (3D) awareness of their listening environment, but also enables the hearing aids when in background noise to either automatically project a narrow beam directly in front of the listener if speaking to a single person (binaxFocus Narrow Directionality) or to automatically focus on the most dominant speech in the environment regardless of its location (binaxFocus Spatial SpeechFocus). It also helps to detect wind noise and transfer the signal at the low frequencies (where wind is most prevalent) in the hearing aid least affected by wind into the hearing aid most affected by wind to provide sound comfort (binaxSound eWindScreen binaural). Additionally, HDSR enables the listener to individually adjust the width of the directional beam on the hearing aids to decide how much of their environment they want to hear (binaxGuide Spatial Configurator: Scan) and select the direction of where the microphones should focus in whether this be from the front, back or sides (binaxGuide Spatial Configurator: Directional). Moreover, uniquely on the binax 7bx a virtual four-microphone network between a pair of CIC hearing aids (which each have a single microphone) can be created via HDSR to project a beam directly in front of the listener when in background noise (Binaural OneMic directionality). This form of directionality was never previously possible on CIC hearing aids given they only incorporate a single microphone.

Furthermore, e2e wireless 3.0 technology allows the two hearing aids to synchronise noise reduction, compression, and directionality settings to not only enhance their effectiveness, but to also help maintain natural time and sound level differences between hearing aids that may have otherwise been disrupted by such features. The preservation of these natural differences helps to provide you with a spatial (3D) awareness of your listening environment. It also supports the synchronization of volume adjustments and program changes made on one hearing aid to both hearing aids. The binax 7bx additionally has ‘Directional speech enhancement’ whereby the hearing aid can be programmed to either automatically project a narrow or wide focus depending on whether you are speaking to one or several people in background noise. Furthermore, it includes a feature called ‘TruEar’ which mimics how the natural folds and creases of the outer ear amplifies and attenuates sounds based on their frequency, direction and intensity which is otherwise lost when the hearing aid microphone is located behind the ear. This helps to provide better hearing in noise and spatial (3D) awareness of your listening environment. The binax 7bx also has ‘Frequency compression’ which is a frequency compression algorithm designed to help high frequency sounds be heard and processed effectively by the listener if their hearing is severely/profoundly affected in this frequency range. It is accomplished by compressing high frequency sounds into a lower frequency range where the listener’s hearing loss is less affected. Importantly, Frequency compression only performs this at the high frequencies leaving the lower frequencies untouched.

The binax 7bx can also quickly reduce sudden and spontaneous loud sounds that may become uncomfortable for the listener (SoundSmoothing). It can additionally extend the hearing aid bandwidth up to 12 kHz to provide a more ‘rich’ and ‘brilliant’ sound quality that can be appreciated when listening to music (Extended bandwidth). Moreover, the binax 7bx can classify and automatically adapt in 6 different listening environments and monitor the wearers preferred sound level and frequency balance in each (Data Logging) before automatically applying these preferences for the listener (Learning). In addition, the binax 7bx can be programmed to gradually increase in sound level over a specified period of time to allow new users of hearing aids the opportunity to adjust and adapt to amplification (Acclimatisation Manager). Furthermore, the binax 7bx uses Feedback cancellation to reduce annoying whistling from your hearing aids and has in-built tinnitus therapy called ’Tinnitus noiser’. This feature is designed to help break the ‘vicious cycle’ of tinnitus by diverting attention away from it using a range of ‘noise’ type sounds such as ‘pink’ and ‘white’ noise and nature-inspired ‘ocean wave’ sounds such as ‘rocky beach’ and ‘pebble beach’.

The binax 7bx is compatible with Siemens wireless accessories such as easyTek, VoiceLink, easyPocket and eCharger. In conjunction with the easyTek listeners can download the ’easyTek App’ onto their smartphone via the Apple App Store or Google Play, enabling them to change programme, alter the volume, adjust treble and bass (SoundBalance), check battery status and use the binaxGuide Spatial Configurator functions. Alternatively, listeners can download the ’touchControl App’ on their smartphone via the Apple App Store or Google Play and directly without any intermediary device change programme, alter the volume and adjust treble and bass (SoundBalance).

Benefits over binax 5bx:

  • 48 channels
  • Speech and noise management with 7 steps of personalisation
  • Binaural OneMic directionality on CIC hearing aids
  • binaxFocus Spatial SpeechFocus
  • binaxSound eWindScreen binaural
  • Extended bandwidth
  • Classification and automatic adaptation in 6 different listening environments

Benefits over micon 7mi:

  • Latest processing chip (binax)
  • Available in ‘Insio IIC’ and ‘Carat’ form factor
  • ’High Definition Sound Resolution (HDSR)’
  • Binaural OneMic directionality on CIC hearing aids
  • binaxFocus Narrow Directionality
  • binaxFocus Spatial SpeechFocus
  • binaxSound eWindScreen binaural
  • binaxGuide Spatial Configurator: Scan
  • binaxGuide Spatial Configurator: Directionality
  • Compatible with easyTek and easyTek App
  • Compatible with touchControl App

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