Phonak, a Swiss-based company, was originally founded in 1947 when the company was known as ‘AG für Elektroakustic’. They are now part of Sonova Holding AG alongside other manufacturers of hearing instruments and diagnostic audiological equipment such as Unitron and Advanced Bionics. In 1978, Phonak launched ‘SuperFront’, a hearing aid with the highest amplification. They later launched the ‘Claro’ in 1999 which was one of the world’s first fully digital hearing aid with an integrated FM receiver. More recent milestones include the revolutionary wireless CROS/BiCROS system, designed to help people suffering from single-sided deafness hear again from their poor side in their better ear without the need of any cables or wires running between ears. Also, in 2011 they launched the world’s first and only hearing solution, known as the ‘Lyric’, that can be worn without interruption deep in the ear for four months at time. In the UK, Phonak are the biggest suppliers of Boots hearing aids.

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