Hearing Aid Styles

It is important you select a hearing aid style that addresses your individual hearing loss, ear physiology, cosmetic preferences and practical needs. We will be able to advise and recommend the most suitable hearing aid style across all manufacturers to ensure all of your requirements are met. There are two main hearing aid styles available. These are known as ‘custom‘ and ‘over-the-ear‘ hearing aids.



Custom hearing aids are specifically manufactured to fit the individual shape, size and contours of your external ear (pinna) and ear canal (external auditory meatus). To do this an impression is taken of your ear which the hearing aid manufacturers then scan and use to sculpture the hearing aid for your individual ear. They are available in a number of different sub-styles which are all discreet to different degrees and avoid conflict with glasses, hats, etc.

Over-the-ear (OTE)

Over-the-ear (OTE) hearing aids sit over the top of the external part of your ear (pinna) and deliver sound into your ear canal (external auditory meatus) via a tube of some description.

They are available in 2 different sub-styles which all have wireless and telecoil functionality. In addition, they all have dual-microphones to help with speech understanding in noise as the location of the microphone means it cannot preserve the natural acoustics provided by the external part of your ear.