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22nd February 2015
Dynamo SP8
Dynamo SP8
23rd February 2015
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Oticon Dynamo SP10
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Dynamo SP10

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Manufacturer: Oticon
Technology level: Premium
Processing chip: Older
Fitting styles: BTE
Price: £1,695.00  Click for full details
Hearing loss suitability†: Severe, Profound 
Connectivity†: DAI, Telecoil, Wireless Accessories

The Oticon Dynamo SP10 is a premium super power hearing aid manufactured by Oticon designed for severe-to-profound hearing losses. It incorporates Oticon’s Inium Sense processing chip which has 30% more processing power than their previous Inium platform.

IMPORTANT: Hearing aids are medical devices that require the clinical expertise of an Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist to perform a comprehensive hearing assessment and verification of fitting. This is to ensure the hearing aids have been correctly and optimally programmed to suit your individual hearing loss, ear acoustics and listening needs. Additionally, some of the technological features described may not be as effective or suitable depending upon the severity and nature of your hearing loss. A fully qualified and registered Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist will be able to advise accordingly.

Oticon Dynamo SP10 Dynamo SP10
Style Behind-the-ear
Colours 7
Battery Size 13
Push button
Volume Control
No. of Microphones Dual (directional)
Wireless connectivity
Device-to-device communication
Digital Audio Input (DAI)
IP rating IP58
Power level Super Power
Hearing loss suitability Mild to profound



Real-world benefit

Channels 16

The hearing aid ‘splits’ and ‘separates’ incoming sound into its different frequencies before processing each frequency channel independently based on the listening environment, listening needs and hearing loss of the individual. This helps provide a higher resolution and more natural sound quality.

Gain Handles 9

This relates to the number of frequency channels that can be adjusted to personalise the hearing aid to your specific hearing loss, listening needs and ear acoustics to help provide a more natural and crisper sound quality.

Programmes 4

For a more personalised fitting the hearing aids can be adjusted and specifically programmed for different listening environments, such as music, outdoors, party, restaurant etc.

Modulation Based Noise Management No Reduces unwanted background noise in noisy situations to provide sound comfort.
TriState Noise Management Yes More accurately distinguishes noise from speech compared to modulation based noise management before reducing it to help reduce listening effort and improve speech understanding.
Binaural TriState Noise Management Yes The two hearing aids combine to even more accurately detect and effectively reduce unwanted background noise in noisy situations to reduce listening effort and improve speech understanding.
Spatial Noise Management Yes

The two hearing aids compare speech and noise levels before focusing on the hearing aid where there is greater speech compared to noise to help reduce listening effort.

Speech Guard E Yes The hearing aid provides more amplification for medium and loud speech in quiet to reduce listening effort and improve speech understanding, before reducing the level of loud sounds when in background noise for better listening comfort.
Speech Rescue Yes

Copies high frequency sounds that cannot be heard by a listener due to their hearing loss into a lower frequency so they can be heard.

Binaural Synchronisation Yes

The hearing aids synchronise certain features to more accurately locate and separate different sounds in the environment to provide better spatial (3D) awareness.

Binaural Coordination Yes

Volume adjustments and program changes made on one hearing aid are automatically transferred to the opposite hearing aid.

Binaural Phone Operation Yes

Telephone conversation is automatically streamed into both hearing aids simultaneously to boost speech understanding.

YouMatic Premium

Can compare different sound profiles and select the most preferred for a better and more personalised sound quality.

FreeFocus Premium

The hearing aid can compare directionality modes before selecting the one that best focuses and highlights speech in background noise.

Back Dir Yes

The hearing aid can ‘reverse’ focus to hear speech from behind you, useful for situations like for example in the car.

Transient Management Yes

Instantly dampens sudden loud sounds that occur in the environment so that they are not uncomfortable.

Inium Feedback Shield Yes

Eliminates unwanted whistling from the hearing aid.

Manual Adaptation Manager Yes

The hearing aid can be manually increased in volume by set amounts gradually over a specified period of time to help listeners gradually adapt and acclimatise to wearing them.

Dynamo SP10

Dynamo SP8

Dynamo SP6

Dynamo SP4

Technology level Premium Advance Standard Basic
Channels 16 16 16 16
Gain Handles 9 8 6 4
Programmes 4 4 4 4
Modulation Based Noise Management
TriState Noise Management
Binaural TriState Noise Management**
Spatial Noise Management**
Speech Guard E
Speech Rescue
Binaural Synchronisation***
Binaural Coordination**
Binaural Phone Operation**
YouMatic Premium Advanced Essential
FreeFocus* Premium Advanced Essential Basic
Back Dir
Transient Management
Inium Feedback Shield
Manual Adaptation Manager
Price £1,695.00 £1,395.00 £1,095.00 £795.00

* Requires dual microphones
** Requires wireless connectivity between pair of hearing aids
*** Requires dual microphones and wireless connectivity between pair of hearing aids

Oticon ConnectLine app

The App works with the intermediate device Streamer Pro 1.2 App (or later). The app combines remote control features for Oticon Hearing Instruments with an intuitive visual interface to the ConnectLine system, which connects users wirelessly to Mobile Phones, Remote microphones, TV sound transmitters etc.

Oticon Tinnitus Sound app

Oticon Tinnitus Sound app presents a selection of sounds to decrease the annoyance of tinnitus, to provide temporary relief. This type of sound therapy is central to many tinnitus management strategies because sound helps to shift attention away from tinnitus.

Lowering of sounds with frequency composition – Speech Rescue™ BrainHearing™ technology

Vice-President of Audiology and Professional Relations at Oticon Inc. explains how Oticon with Speech Rescue use a “copy and keep” approach, where we carefully take important high frequency speech information and replicate it into the better-functioning mid-frequency parts in the speech signal. We call this approach frequency composition. This gives the patients with a severe to profound hearing loss the best opportunity to use whatever part of the speech signal they can extract the most information from.

Courtesy of Oticon People First

Transitioning Support makes it easier to change to new super power hearing aid technology

Vice-President of Audiology and Professional Relations at Oticon Inc. explains how Oticon’s Transitioning Support takes personal preferences into account when upgrading to new Oticon Dynamo hearing aid technology. Oticon’s personalization possibilities in the fitting software is a powerful tool that promotes patient-centered care to allow for personal sound preferences.Courtesy of Oticon People First

Oticon Inium Feedback Shield

Oticon Inium Feedback Shield

Courtesy of Oticon People First

Oticon Free Focus

Oticon Free Focus Courtesy of Oticon People First

Oticon Spatial Sound

Oticon Spatial Sound

Courtesy of Oticon People First

Oticon Speech Guard

Oticon Speech Guard Courtesy of Oticon People First

Oticon Inium Wireless

Oticon Inium Wireless

Courtesy of Oticon People First

Oticon YouMatic

Oticon YouMaticCourtesy of Oticon People First

Oticon ConnectLine

Oticon ConnectLine

Courtesy of Oticon People First

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