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3rd May 2019
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3rd May 2019
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SoundLens Synergy iQ 2000

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Manufacturer: Starkey
Technology level: Advance
Processing chip: Older
Fitting styles: IIC
Price: £1,695.00  Click for full details
Hearing loss suitability†: Mild, Moderate 
Connectivity†: N/A

The Starkey SoundLens Synergy iQ 2000 is an advance technology level ‘invisible-in-canal’ (IIC) hearing aid manufactured by Starkey. It incorporates a quad core twin compressor and dedicated music processing for enhanced music listening. In addition, with immersive technologies, it provides listeners with a 3D spatial soundscape of the listening environment for enhanced sound quality.

IMPORTANT: Hearing aids are medical devices that require the clinical expertise of an Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist to perform a comprehensive hearing assessment and verification of fitting. This is to ensure the hearing aids have been correctly and optimally programmed to suit your individual hearing loss, ear acoustics and listening needs. Additionally, some of the technological features described may not be as effective or suitable depending upon the severity and nature of your hearing loss. A fully qualified and registered Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist will be able to advise accordingly.

Starkey SoundLens Synergy iQ 2000SoundLens Synergy iQ IIC
Style Invisible-in-canal
Colours 6
Battery Size 10
Push button
Volume Control
Multifunctional Control
No. of Microphones Single (omni-directional)
Wireless connectivity
E2E processing
CROS Compatible
Power level Low, Normal, Medium
Hearing loss suitability Mild to moderate



Real-world benefit

SurfLink Compatibility No The hearing aid is compatible with Starkey SurfLink wireless accessories.
Acuity Lifescape Analyser 7 (2) The hearing aids automatically analyse and adapt in multiple listening environments to provide the best possible listening experience.

The maximum number of listening environments the hearing aid can analyse and adapt in is 7 with 4 levels of adjustments in each.

Channels 20

The hearing aid ‘splits’ and ‘separates’ incoming sound into its different frequencies before processing each frequency channel independently based on the listening environment, listening needs and hearing loss of the individual. This helps provide a higher resolution and more natural sound quality.

Gain Handles 20

This relates to the number of frequency channels that can be adjusted to personalise the hearing aid to your specific hearing loss, listening needs and ear acoustics to help provide a more natural and crisper sound quality.

Programmes 5

For a more personalised fitting the hearing aids can be adjusted and specifically programmed for different listening environments, such as music, outdoors, party, restaurant etc.

Acquity Speech Optimisation Advanced The hearing aids help deliver more natural and crisper high-frequency sounds for improved speech clarity and comfort.
Acuity Voice Moderate Reduces unwanted background noise and enhances speech to reduce listening effort and improve speech understanding.
Acuity Immersion Maximum

Processes an extended range of high frequency sounds which the natural ear typical utilises for better spatial (3D) environmental awareness and sound quality. Also helps sounds being perceived externally and not inside the hearing aid wearers head.

E2E Directionality No The two hearing aids work together to help the brain focus in on the person you want to hear in a noisy situation, whilst maintaining an overall awareness of your environment so you can switch focus to hear somebody else if required.
Speech ID Yes

Identifies and boosts speech wherever it is detected in the environment including from behind you.

Wind Adaption Moderate Dampens wind noise when outdoors to reduce listening effort and improve speech understanding.
E2E Wind Adaption No

The two hearing aids work together to more accurately and effectively dampen wind noise when outdoors to reduce listening effort and improve speech understanding.

Machine Noise Adaption Moderate Reduces unwanted background noise in noisy situations to improve listening comfort.
E2E Machine Noise Adaption No

The two hearing aids work together to more accurately and effectively reduce unwanted background noise in noisy situations to improve listening comfort.

Acuity Quiet Moderate Reduces unwanted and annoying low and moderate level background noises such as internal hearing aid circuit nose, air cons, fans, the soft tapping of keyboards and computer mouse etc. without effecting speech understanding.
Music Enhancement Moderate The hearing aids automatically switch to a dedicated music setting to improve the music listening experience.
E2E Music Enhancement No

The two hearing aids combine to more accurately detect music in the environment before both automatically switch to a dedicated music setting to improve the music listening experience.

Extended Bandwidth Yes A boost of high-frequency sound up to 10 kHz to provide more crispness and brightness to music.
Speech Shift Yes Copies high frequency sounds that cannot be heard by a listener due to their hearing loss into a lower frequency so they can be heard.
Synchronized User Adjustments No

Volume adjustments and program changes made on one hearing aid are automatically transferred to the opposite hearing aid.

VC Self Learning Yes

Volume adjustments made in specific listening environments are learned by the hearing aid and automatically applied.

Auto Telephone Response Yes

When the telephone is held beside the ear the hearing aid automatically switches to a dedicated phone programme to help you hear better.

E2E Phone Streaming No

Telephone conversation is automatically streamed into both hearing aids simultaneously to boost speech understanding.

SoundPoint Yes

The tone and level of sound can be adjusted and compared by the listener themselves during the fitting stage to help personalise the sound quality.

Multiflex Tinnitus Technology Yes

Helps the brain become distracted from tinnitus by instead listening to a selection of masking noise sounds.

SoundPoint Tinnitus Yes

The tone and level of tinnitus masking noise can be adjusted and compared by the listener themselves during the fitting stage to help find the best masking noise to mask their tinnitus.

Auto Experience Manager Yes

The hearing aid can gradually increase in volume automatically over a specified period of time to help listeners gradually adapt and acclimatise to wearing them.

T2 On Demand Yes

Basic adjustments to the hearing aid can be made directly from any touchtone telephone.

WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation Yes

Eliminates unwanted whistling from the hearing aid.


SoundLens Synergy iQ i2400

SoundLens Synergy iQ 2000

SoundLens Synergy iQ 1600

Technology level Premium Advance Standard
SurfLink Compatibility
Acuity Lifescape Analyser 7 (4) 7 (2) 7 (1)
Channels 24 20 16
Gain Handles 24 20 16
Programmes 5 5 5
Acquity Speech Optimisation Premium Advanced Standard
Acuity Voice Maximum Moderate Mild
Acuity Immersion Maximum Maximum Maximum
E2E Directionality* Premium
Speech ID
Wind Adaption Maximum Moderate Mild
E2E Wind Adaption* Maximum
Machine Noise Adaption Maximum Moderate Mild
E2E Machine Noise Adaption* Maximum
Acuity Quiet Maximum Moderate Mild
Music Enhancement Maximum Moderate Mild
E2E Music Enhancement* Maximum
Extended Bandwidth
Speech Shift
Synchronized User Adjustments*
VC Self Learning
Auto Telephone Response
E2E Phone Streaming*
Multiflex Tinnitus Technology
SoundPoint Tinnitus
Auto Experience Manager
T2 On Demand
WhistleFree Feedback Cancellation
Price £1,895.00 £1,695.00 £1,495.00

* Requires wireless connectivity between pair of hearing aids

Starkey T² Remote app

The T2 Remote application that allows users to control their hearing aids with a simple touch on their iPhone or iPod touch. This avoids the need for any additional hardware. T2 in the hearing aids will discreetly and instantly classify the tone signal from the iPhone or iPod touch and automatically adjust itself to the desired setting.

Starkey Relax app

Starkey Relax allows you to customise 12 relief sounds by modifying the volume, frequency response, and rate of fluctuation, providing you with highly-personalised relief sounds for your unique tinnitus. With Starkey Relax, you can create new, customised relief sounds coupled with soothing images to best suit the changing behaviour of your subjective tinnitus.

Introducing A New Dimension in Hearing – iQ

Introducing a new dimension in hearing aid technology from Starkey – Halo iQ, Muse iQ, SoundLens Synergy iQ and the new TruLink Remote!

Courtesy of Starkey Hearing Technologies

Acuity Immersion in new iQ hearing aids

What is Acuity Immersion? Why is it important?Courtesy of Starkey Hearing Technologies

Industry’s Smallest Wireless Hearing Aid Benefits

Our new SoundLens Synergy wireless hearing aids are the industry’s smallest devices. They are easy to control, offer ear-to-ear capabilities and can be wirelessly programmed by your professional!

Courtesy of Starkey Hearing Technologies

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Starkey Synergy Custom Hearing Aids Operations Manuals Download
Starkey SoundLens Synergy iQ Quick Start Guide Download
Starkey SoundLens Synergy iQ Patient Brochure Download

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