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Manufacturer: Oticon
Latest Version: Yes
Battery size: 312
Fitting style: RIC
Price: £895.00  Click for full details
Streaming Range: Ear-to-ear
Standalone: Yes

The Oticon CROS transmitter is designed for people who have normal hearing in one ear and unaidable hearing loss in the other. Sounds from the unaidable side are received by the microphones of the Oticon CROS, processed, and wirelessly transmitted to a compatible Oticon hearing aid on the side with normal (CROS) or aidable (BiCROS) hearing.

IMPORTANT: Some of the technological features described may not be as effective or suitable depending upon the severity and nature of your hearing loss. A fully qualified and registered Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist will be able to advise accordingly.

Introducing Oticon CROS
Oticon CROS enables people with single-sided deafness (SSD) to hear and engage in their world like never before. Oticon CROS sends a wireless Near Field Magnetic Induction (NFMI) signal from a transmitter located on the poorer ear to a receiver on the better ear so you can achieve a fuller, more immersive open sound experience.

A high-quality open sound experience
Oticon CROS features an optimized version of the OpenSound Navigator where help is provided, as soon as noise is prominent. The result is that Oticon CROS opens up complex listening environments and enables you to access more of your listening space. OpenSound Navigator is key to delivering the 360° listening experience by constantly scanning the environment, balancing sound levels and removing unwanted noise. The open sound paradigm is now available to deliver a better experience when listening to speech in noisy environments and at a distance.

TwinLink dual-streaming. An industry first.
Oticon CROS is the world’s first solution for CROS/BiCROS fittings offering TwinLink, an innovative technology featuring simultaneous NFMI and 2.4 GHz Bluetooth® low energy streaming capability. TwinLink makes it possible to connect to external audio streams while simultaneously enjoying sound transmission from the poorer ear to the better ear. You can watch television or listen to music while carrying a conversation with someone positioned on their poorer ear side.

A powerful platform
Powered by the revolutionary Velox S™ platform, Oticon CROS features the most powerful and advanced processor that Oticon has ever created. This processor enables the OpenSound Navigator which supports the way the brain naturally makes sense of sound for an unmatched listening experience.

Oticon CROS in a nutshell

  • Oticon CROS completes the Oticon portfolio.
  • Oticon CROS can be used in either a CROS or a BiCROS fitting.
  • Oticon CROS transmitter is available in the miniRITE T style and comes in seven colours.
  • It is available in selected pricepoints and compatible with 6 styles: miniRITE, miniRITE T, BTE13 PP, miniRITE R, SP, and UP.
  • Oticon CROS is compatible with Oticon’s premium product families; Oticon Opn S™, Oticon Opn Play™, Oticon Xceed and Oticon Xceed Play.
  • The transmitted signal can be muted or adjusted based on your needs.
  • Sound transmission is optimized for fine structure details of speech (up to 10 kHz).
  • The Oticon CROS transmitter battery performance is comparable to similar style Oticon hearing aids.

Oticon ON app

Use the Oticon ON app with your iPhone or Android smartphone to control your hearing aids, adjust the sound and choose what you want to hear. The Oticon ON app is also used to connect users to their Oticon IFTTT channel.

Oticon RemoteCare app

Get your Oticon Opn™*, Oticon Opn S™, Oticon Xceed, Oticon Opn Play™, Oticon Xceed Play, Oticon Ruby and Oticon Siya hearing instrument families and models adjusted and receive counselling from your hearing care professional remotely – in real time.

How to test connection in Oticon CROS

The connection and functionality of the Oticon CROS transmitter can be tested by touching the microphone on the transmitter and listen for the sound in the receiver instrument.

Courtesy of Oticon

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