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21st April 2019
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Manufacturer: Phonak
Latest Version: Yes
Battery size: In-built rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Fitting style: RIC
Price: £895.00  Click for full details
Streaming Range: Ear-to-ear
Standalone: Yes

The Phonak CROS B-R is designed for people who have normal hearing in one ear and unaidable hearing loss in the other. Sounds from the unaidable side are received by the microphones of the Phonak CROS B-R, processed, and wirelessly transmitted to the Phonak Audéo B-R hearing aid on the side with normal (CROS) or aidable (BiCROS) hearing.

IMPORTANT: Some of the technological features described may not be as effective or suitable depending upon the severity and nature of your hearing loss. A fully qualified and registered Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist will be able to advise accordingly.

Phonak CROS B-R
This wireless and rechargeable CROS transmitter, based on the latest Belong technology platform, is used together with a Phonak Audéo B-R hearing for people with single-sided deafness. The Phonak CROS B-R transmitter is easy to fit delivers better speech understanding.

Unique hearing needs of Single-Sided Deafness (SSD)
People who have no hearing in one ear are forced to use coping strategies in order to stay in the conversation and are at a disadvantage when approached from their non-hearing side. They require a solution which:

  • Enables them to have a conversation in quiet and noisy surroundings without having to reposition themselves
  • Allows them to respond when talked to on the side they can’t hear from
  • Requires no surgical procedures
  • Is discreet

Our single-sided deafness solutions
Featuring the unique Phonak Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, the Phonak CROS B-R wirelessly transmits sound from the unaidable ear to a hearing aid on the better hearing ear. As a result, a person with single-sided deafness can hear speech from the side they cannot hear from.

More speech understanding
For the first time ever, people with SSD can easily follow conversations even in noisy situations. The Phonak CROS B-R can focus on a single voice in a crowd and reduce background noise, thanks to StereoZoom (combine it with a Phonak B70 or a B90 hearing aid for best performance). As a result, it streams less noise to the hearing aid on the other side, improving speech understanding.

Smart charging options
CROS B-R gives you 1 day of hearing from both sides with a simple 3-hour charge. Additionally, CROS B-R comes with easy-to-use smart charging options, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power.

The Top 5 Benefits of the Phonak CROS B-R

The Top 5 Benefits of the Phonak CROS B-R

Courtesy of Phonak

You Asked — We Listened: CROS B-R

Kailen Berry, Phonak Audiology Manager, shares the benefits of what directional technology in a rechargeable hearing device can mean for your hearing.Courtesy of Phonak

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Phonak CROS B-R User Guide Download
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