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Pure Charge&Go Nx Charger
19th April 2019
19th April 2019
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Motion Charge&Go Nx Charger

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Manufacturer: Signia
Latest Version: Yes
Dimensions / Weight: Unknown
Battery life: 19 hours daily use from a single 3 hour charge
Price: £175.00  Click for full details
Streaming Range: N/A
Standalone: Yes

The Signia Motion Charge&Go Nx charger is a compact charging case for the rechargeable Signia Motion Charge&Go Nx hearing aid.

IMPORTANT: Some of the technological features described may not be as effective or suitable depending upon the severity and nature of your hearing loss. A fully qualified and registered Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist will be able to advise accordingly.


ο 3 hour full charge resulting in up to 21 hours daily use; or 19 hours daily use with 5 hours streaming

ο 30 minute fast charge resulting in 6 additional hours use


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How to charge your battery free hearing aid | Signia hearing aids

This instructional video by Signia provides users a step by step guide on how to charge your battery free hearing aid.

Courtesy of Signia Hearing

How to turn your battery free hearing aid on

Learn how to turn your battery free hearing aids on.Courtesy of Signia Hearing

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