18th February 2017
18th February 2017
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TV Transmitter

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TV Transmitter

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Manufacturer: Signia
Latest Version: Yes
Dimensions / Weight: Unknown
Battery life: Mains power supply
Price: £90.00  Click for full details
Streaming Range: Up to 10 metres
Standalone: No

The Signia TV Transmitter connects TVs without Bluetooth functionality to compatible Signia wireless hearing aids via the easyTek.

IMPORTANT: Some of the technological features described may not be as effective or suitable depending upon the severity and nature of your hearing loss. A fully qualified and registered Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist will be able to advise accordingly.

TV Transmitter — your connection to easyTek
The Signa TV Transmitter connects TV, stereo, or MP3 player as well as many other electronic devices without Bluetooth functionality to your easyTek for your hearing aids. Using the transmitter you will wirelessly stream sounds directly into your compatible Signia wireless hearing aids.

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Signia easyTek app

The Signia easyTek app streams audio directly to hearing aids from Bluetooth devices such as smartphones. In addition programme and volume can be changed via the app. NB: Requires Signia easyTek.

How to use the TV Transmitter

Learn how to use the TV transmitter with easyTek. Adjust the volume of the streamed audio signal using the transmitter or, for smaller adjustments, use the ” ” or “-” buttons on your easyTek.

Courtesy of Signia Hearing

How to pair your TV Transmitter with the easyTek App

The TV transmitter is an accessory for our remote controls with audio streaming capability. Pair your easyTek with the TV transmitter before use.Courtesy of Signia Hearing

How to use the TV Transmitter with the easyTek App

Learn how to use the TV transmitter using easyTek and the easyTek App on your smartphone. You can adjust the volume from either the TV transmitter or, for smaller volume adjustments, from the easyTek App.

Courtesy of Signia Hearing

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Signia TV Transmitter User Guide Download

Questions & Answers

(1 Questions)Ask Question

Can the rest of the family hear to normally?, or does the sound only get transferred to my easytek then hearing aids. 2 years ago

Also is there a delay in transfer of sound causing it not to sync with what you see on tv
Maureen Gibson
Location: Deal, GB

Dear Maureen, yes the rest of the family can still hear normally. There shouldn\'t also be any significant or noticeable delay in the transfer of sound. Hope this helps.

2 years ago