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9th May 2020
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10th May 2020
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Livio Edge AI RIC R CROS

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Manufacturer: Starkey
Latest Version: Yes
Battery size: In-built rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Fitting style: RIC
Price: £895.00  Click for full details
Streaming Range: Ear-to-ear
Standalone: Yes

The rechargeable Starkey Livio Edge AI RIC R CROS is designed for people who have normal hearing in one ear and unaidable hearing loss in the other. Sounds from the unaidable side are received by the microphones of the Starkey Livio Edge AI RIC R CROS, processed, and wirelessly transmitted to a compatible Starkey hearing aid on the side with normal (CROS) or aidable (BiCROS) hearing.

IMPORTANT: Some of the technological features described may not be as effective or suitable depending upon the severity and nature of your hearing loss. A fully qualified and registered Audiologist or Hearing Aid Audiologist will be able to advise accordingly.

  • Clear and consistent wireless streaming using 2.4 GHz + NFMI technology
  • Acuity OS 2 brings audibility and speech understanding in any environment
  • Full Acuity™ Immersion Directionality functionality on the CROS transmitter helps hearing in background noise
  • Compatible with the Starkey Livio Edge AI RIC R 2400
  • Telecoil
  • Compatible with Starkey 2.4 GHz wireless accessories

Starkey Thrive Hearing Control app

The Thrive Hearing Control app works seamlessly with Livio Edge AI / Livio AI hearing aids to give you control of your hearing aids. Change settings, adjust volume, create customized memories and more quickly and easily.

Starkey Thrive Care app

The Thrive Care app allows hearing aid wearers to share information like physical activity, hearing aid usage, social engagement and more, with pre-selected people, such as family members and carers. Exclusive to Livio Edge AI hearing aids.

Innovative Technology For Single-Sided Hearing Loss: Top 4 Highlights of Muse CROS System

Muse CROS Systems offer patients with single-sided hearing loss Starkey Sound, ear-to-ear communication and streaming, and are built on our brand-new Synergy technology platform. Take a look at the top four highlights for Muse CROS and BiCROS for patients with single-sided hearing loss in this video.

Courtesy of Starkey Hearing Technologies

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