Starkey are an American-based company that was founded in 1971 by Bill Austin after he purchased a small earmould company from Harold Starkey called Starkey Laboratories. It only took two years before in 1973 Starkey became the world’s leading manufacturer of custom hearing instruments, no doubt due to their previous expertise of manufacturing custom earmoulds. Starkey then revolutionised the hearing aid industry in 1993 by launching the world’s first hearing aid to fit entirely in the ear canal, known as ‘Tympanette’. The Tympanette was the world’s smallest and most popular CIC hearing aid of its generation. They again revolutionised the hearing aid industry in 2010 by releasing the ‘SoundLens’ hearing aid, the world’s first and still smallest custom ‘invisible-in-canal’ (IIC) hearing aid, now called ‘SoundLens Synergy’.

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