Our Testimonials

I started off with NHS aids. I stuck with them for quite a while and then decided that I would like hearing aids that were more discrete. I chose to pay for a private inner ear model. I kept these for 5 years and then decided to try the NHS again. These aids were good. However I did not like having to fiddle with the controls behind each ear when I wanted to change programs or volume.

I looked at various options on the internet and went for a consultation at a private clinic in Leicester at The Hear Clinic. After a very thorough examination, I have been astounded at the service and dedication offered by Mr Neel Raithatha. Nothing is too much trouble for him. I have been very impressed at his dedication in sorting out a client with ears which are of a difficult shape. I visited him a number of times while he tried different ear pieces and he did not give up until I was completely satisfied.

Mr R. G. Coleman, Leicester

Dear Neel, just a short note to thank you so much for all your help and advice during the testing of my hearing, the advice in choosing the correct replacement hearing aids and for the visits associated with their ultimate fitting. Your sound advice, professionalism during all the processes and wonderful customer service in the follow up procedures has been second to none and I am pleased to say how delighted I am with my new aids and the end result in terms of the improvements to my hearing in everyday situations. As I mentioned to you during your last visit, I am now picking up noises such as the ‘click’ of my computer mouse that I had forgotten even existed! Thanks once again for your time and patience during the various stages of this process and for your comprehensive and clear answers to all the questions my wife and I asked. I am also very reassured that I am able to contact you in the future should there be any issues regarding my hearing aids.  

Mr G. Seabridge, Leicester

I’ve now dealt with Mr Raithatha for a few years and he’s always professional, objective and looking for the best solution for the hearing challenge he faces. I had particular issues with hearing at work and Neel recommended the LiNX2 9 with the Apple App. What a great product, user friendly and ideal for use with the phone, in meetings, noisy environments and every day use. I’d recommend Mr Raithatha and listening to his advice and solutions.  

Mr T. Lane, Leicester

I have the new Phonak Venture CROS hearing system which has transformed my day to day life and it has been far better than I could ever have imagined. Thank you Neel, both your knowledge and your very personable approach has made this adventure a truly great experience and I would recommend you to anyone. 

Sadie Carty, St Neots (Cambridgeshire)

Hi Neel, Don’t know what you have done to my ears! I am suddenly hearing the fan on my computer in my left ear while hearing the fish tank in the other. With my previous LiNX 9 hearing aids all I heard was the fish tank as it was the noisier of the two. This new way of processing sound with the LiNX² 9 is certainly working! I just have to get used to even more sounds that I wasn’t hearing before. Thanks a lot (I think) for opening up this whole new world.

Mr D. Baldwin, Old Arley (Coventry)

Dear Neel, Many thanks for your professionalism and attention to detail during the consultation I had with you at home regarding the most suitable hearing aids for my particular needs. I am very satisfied with the device and would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone in requiring a hearing aid.

Mr A. Smith, Tamworth

If I had to use two words to describe Neel Raithatha of The Hear Clinic, they would be “professional” and “meticulous”. Realising that I needed hearing aids for the first time due to high frequency hearing loss, which was affecting my ability to understand conversations in situations with background noise, I was referred to the The Hear Clinic via a national website. Neel visited my home on a Saturday morning and spent two to three hours in a thorough assessment of my hearing and a discussion of my particular requirements. Neel discussed a wide range of makes and models, and had samples with him to show me. Unlike many high street chains, Neel is not associated with a particular manufacturer, and I felt he was giving me impartial and unbiased advice. I had believed that high street chains—with their buying power—would be cheaper than going to an independent audiologist. However, the price quoted by Neel was as low as anything that I found locally or on the internet, and he was able to provide me with the latest model of Phonak Audeo Venture hearing aids. As I have read up about hearing aid technology, I have realised that setting up the hearing aid correctly is extremely important—possibly as important as the choice of model. Once again, Neel was painstaking in programming and fine tuning my hearing aids to ensure that they gave me the best possible performance for my own particular needs. I would not hesitate to recommend Neel and The Hear Clinic to anyone I know. 

Dr D. Grindlay, Loughborough

Dear Neel, I would like to say that the service that you supply your clients is by far the best that I have experienced having visited several other Audiologists/hearing aid companies. You were very good at explaining the results of the various tests and supplying the correct hearing aids for my particular needs. Also, your after sales service is exceptional and I appreciate how thoroughly you serviced and tested my hearing aids for me to ensure they were performing at their optimal level.

Mr K. Netherway, Huntingdon (Cambridge)

I’ve recently started wearing hearing aids for the first time, and had been impressed with the BTE pair I’d obtained from the NHS. However, during the first four months of wearing them in, I became increasingly self-conscious at having to fiddle with the controls behind each ear every time I wanted to adjust them, and I was very aware of the tubes being visible. After some research I realised that there were more discrete models available which could be adjusted remotely, and being 10-15 years younger than the average hearing aid wearer, this really appealed to me so I looked privately. I tried a high street provider, and one other company, both of whom were quite satisfactory, however, neither came anywhere near to the exceptionally high level of service, professionalism and expert knowledge that The Hear Clinic offers. Neel really listened to my requirements, and spent 2½ hours with me at the first appointment as he carried out detailed tests and examinations of my ears, and took the time to find out about my lifestyle and preferences so as to suggest the best possible solution for me. And he explained his findings along the way, as well as providing a detailed written report afterwards with a quote. At no time did I feel any pressure, and he responded quickly, patiently and most thoroughly to all my questions whilst I decided. What I most appreciated was that he completely understood why I wanted to integrate the hearing aids to my iPad and Smartphone, and he was a whizz at getting that all set up and explaining it to me – what a breath of fresh air! I would highly recommend the GN ReSound LiNX 9 in terms of sound quality, discreteness, and Bluetooth technology, but more than that, I would absolutely recommend Neel to anyone trying to find a hearing aid solution that uniquely suits their lifestyle and hearing needs.

Mrs J. Gibson, Braunston (Northamptonshire)

Dear Neel, I just want to place on record my appreciation for the way in which you have assisted me to obtain an improved performance from my existing 4 year old Phonak hearing aids and for providing the latest Phonak Audeo V90 model at a competitive price. Since our first appointment I have been impressed with your knowledge of all things “hearing” coupled with your determination to find the right solutions for me, irrespective of the time it took. Nothing was too much trouble, never for one moment did I feel hurried or under any pressure to purchase an upgrade. I am certain your refreshing approach will bring you much success and many grateful clients in the future.

Mr C. Harris, Rothley (Leicestershire)

I lost all hearing in my right ear and became profoundly deaf in my left due to Bacterial Meningitis in Jan ’14. In April the NHS fitted me with a hearing aid, but I could still hear next to nothing. As Neel discovered, the hearing aid, whilst electronically OK, had an ear piece that was so short and so incorrectly shaped, that the sound was firing directly into my ear canal rather than down the ear canal. So still the only communication I had was via people writing to me using notepads. My wife contacted Neel after doing some research on the internet and we were amazed. Not only did he fit me with an ear piece that is correct for the shape of my ear and a GN Resound hearing aid, with all the wireless accessories, he repeatedly came to me to adjust the equipment within days if not hours of the request. On top of all this outstanding service, his knowledge of Cochlea Implants, together with his contacts within this world, ensured that I got a very quick appointment with the CI team at Birmingham. I have had several appointments, testing varying aspects over the last few months and recently I learned funding has been agreed and I should be having the operation early next year. It is still a long slog due to right sided hemiparesis and facial nerve paralysis (both recovering) caused by the Meningitis, but to have some hearing after 4 months of NHS “treatment” providing me with nothing (they did a good job with the Meningitis, though!) was brilliant both for myself and my wife. Also, I am now close to having a Cochlea Implant which will hopefully provide me with significantly better hearing ability (I need to lip read together with the sound from the hearing aid in order to understand speech at the moment), and all this is due to this one man. You can guess just how much I recommend Neel!

Mr K. Croston, Newbold-on-Stour (Warwickshire)

Dear Neel, I have now had the GN ReSound LiNX 9 hearing aids for nearly two months and have had the opportunity of using them in a wide variety of situations. Having avoided using any form of hearing aid for a number of years it was a surprise to discover how easy it has been to get used to wearing these and I now use them comfortably every day. Although there are 3 different environment settings, I have found that the automatic one works very well in most situations, with the iPhone control facility being a real bonus. It is fair to say that I am not the sole beneficiary of this improvement, as my family, friends and colleagues have benefitted from my improved hearing and I am now much easier to live with! I would recommend these products and I appreciate the high standard of service that you have provided.

Mr R. Brucciani, Leicester

I have been wearing hearing aids for ten years. My three-year-old Widex Passions were not giving me the kind of hearing improvement I needed, and my current provider had gone out of business. Searching for a better deal than I had been offered by a hearing aid specialist in Cambridge, I made contact with Neel through the internet. I spoke to him in mid-February and he visited me a couple of days later. He spent two hours testing me thoroughly and suggested that a pair of GN Resound Verso 9s would be a better fit for my hearing loss, which ranges from mild at low frequencies to severe/profound at mid and high frequencies. At all times, he explained the situation very clearly. The price of the Versos was significantly better than I had been given for the Widex’s (though Neel would have been able to provide them much more reasonably, too). In addition, the deal included a remote control and a Mini Mic. Neel returned the following week with the Versos and spent another couple of hours setting them up and explaining their functions. He also provided a detailed hearing report and a copy of a letter that he had already written to my doctor regarding my tinnitus. He then came back two weeks later to make some minor adjustments. I have to say that these are the best hearing aids I have ever had. I am hearing things that I had forgotten about, and friends have noticed the improvement. Neel and I have exchanged several emails regarding questions I have had, or comments about the performance of the aids in various testing situations, and he has always responded both quickly and, as importantly, with a level of detail that shows he has actually read the question. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a sympathetic, conscientious and good value hearing aid practitioner.

Mr P. Valentine, Kimbolton (Cambridge)

Neel, just a word of appreciation for the professional advice and recommendations. I am delighted with the hearing aids and have now had time to test them in a range of situations. Concerts I can now attend, social gatherings are now no longer a problem and I am thrilled that they connect wirelessly to my TV and iPod. After struggling and failing with NHS aids it is wonderful to have aids which do the job (and more) I have already recommended you to friends! Peter

Mr P. Patilla, Derbyshire

I discovered The Hear Clinic online and I have been absolutely delighted by the service that has been provided for the following reasons: (i) The costs of hearing aids are so very much cheaper than I have found elsewhere. (ii) The service is independent, is at one’s home and appointments can be made within one or two days of requesting them. (iii) Neel is extremely highly trained and has at least all the equipment available to those in fixed establishments (iv) He was also prepared to follow up the initial consultation before and then after purchasing the aids with several visits to ensure that the patient is completely satisfied with them. (v) In my case Neel was also prepared to correct free of charge the badly programmed frequencies of my previous hearing aids (purchased from another company) so that they could be used more efficiently as a backup in the unlikely event of them being needed. I cannot speak highly enough of the service I have received and I am very pleased to be able to recommend Neel and The Hear Clinic to all those needing hearing aids.

Dr D. Rees, Nottingham

Dear Neel, Having now used my latest hearing aids for several weeks I am writing to thank you for your help. I much appreciate the work you did in getting my aids changed for the latest model, and your cheerful help in setting them up to my needs. They are an improvement in all situations over my previous ones and I find the open dome fitting very comfortable. I shall have to wait until the spring before I can enjoy the birdsongs with them, but the calls I am hearing at this time of the year are more distinct than previously so I am very hopeful!

Mr T. Johnson, Leicester

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Neel Raithatha. On the very first appointment, I felt that the service he provided was outstanding and to a professional level. He was very caring and had asked me appropriate open ended questions to get to know me as a person and establish my needs. He also took time to go through the assessment and explained the results with empathy as my hearing was lost somewhat greater in my left ear than the right one. He took trouble to demonstrate the different aids available and matched my needs to the product that was most suitable. He made me feel that he was more interested in providing excellent customer service rather than being a typical ‘Sales Person’. On my subsequent appointment with him I felt a WOW FACTOR as he went through the whole session to make sure I was happy to go ahead with his recommendation. He had been polite, caring and understanding. His attitude remained professional at all times. Having seen him recently this week, it was all summed up with the aftercare service he provided which was second to none. I must say it is not very often that I have the occasion to praise a person on excellent customer service but I felt that Neel definitely deserved some good feedback from a satisfied client.

Mrs N. Willis, Leicester

After struggling with hearing loss for 25 years, I finally plucked the courage to get some hearing aids. I had been to the high street clinic last year but felt intimidated to make a substantial purchase without being able to wear the prescribed hearing aid to hear the difference. This time I chose Neel, and knew even before his visit, I would buy them from him. He is a true professional who loves helping people. He makes you feel at ease and is thorough in his examination. I am now very happy with my hearing aids and would recommend him to anyone.

Mr R. Thakrar, Loughborough

Neel was recommended to me following a telephone call to a general enquiry line for Independent Hearing Specialists. My mother had been having problems for quite a while and, despite being prescribed an NHS option, still struggled in social situations. We therefore visited a couple of the well known High Street centres in search of a better alternative but, frankly, I was uninspired. I understood why Neel had been recommended as soon as I began speaking to him. His knowledge of this very specialised area becomes immediately apparent. A visit was arranged and, he came to see mum at home. He spent a great deal of time with us explaining exactly what was happening and why. He was unstintingly patient and, answered every question in simple, easy to understand language. He gave us various options and, at no time was any pressure asserted to ensure a sale was made, unlike the experiences received on the High Street! His concern for his patients is very evident and, I have no hesitation in recommending his services. It is so refreshing to receive such excellent customer service in an age where this seems to have been lost!

Mrs V. Evans, Solihull

Neel………… Has literally transformed my life. I have had an NHS hearing aid for 4 years but after finding out about Neel during research on the internet I immediately contacted him. He has introduced me to the many adaptations of the LATEST HEARING TECHNOLOGY. He has totally revolutionised my day to day life and given me my confidence back. The added extras to the modern day hearing aid that are available are amazing. Don’t waste time thinking about what might be possible…it really can be….try it and see.

Mrs C. White, Northampton

I have been very impressed with The Hear Clinic. I decided to seek assistance for my hearing loss on the internet which led to an assessment being carried out in my own home. This eliminated the embarrassment which I felt I when I visited a shop. Neel from The Hear Clinic put me at ease from start to finish with his re-assuring manner and his answers to the many questions I had. In due course he recommended that I try GN ReSound Verso 9 hearing aids which was a name I had not particularly noticed when I had been reading up on this subject. I have to say that I am more than satisfied with their performance in all conditions, including windy days on the golf course!

Mr J. Hunt, Newark

Neel really knows his hearing! I’d tried the usual high street suspects and the good old NHS. However Neel spent twice as much time with me. He also carried out the various tests in far more detail than the others and undertook extra investigations. He shared everything he found, gave me copies of the results and came up with very unbiased Professional advice. Rare indeed these days even when the NHS outsources some services to the high street. I now have a really good cost effective solution and these days with Bluetooth and the other interface tools he recommended you can hear everything from mobiles to laptops far better than without assistance.

Mr L. Sice, Peterborough